About Onomichi Kaisan

Onomichi Kaisan Co., Ltd. was established in 1951 as dried seafood Wholesaler, mainly selling Dried Anchovy and Dried Bonito in Onomichi prospered as fish market with long history.

Now, we distribute more than 2,000 ton dried anchovy to fish maker, supermarket and also overseas.


In this 30 or 40 years, Small dried anchovy has been highly appreciated as high nutrition food. However, the amount of domestic catch has been getting decreased. So we continue to serve as a bridge, connecting superior supply source from each fishery cooperatives, fish producer and overseas with our customer for more stable supply.


In this Feb 2016, We located new head office to near our factory and start refrigerated wearhouse of 1500 ton. It could correspond to our customer request quickly.


By putting more emphasis on foreign substance sorting and powder processing at our factory, we try to supply better product which meet customer demand.


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